President’s Corner


Jean Johnson

Recycle-“to return to a previous stage in a cyclic process”

That is what is happening to this president. Also, many of our officers and program chairs have recycled to different positions.

Thank you to the newer members who have stepped up and become involved-new thoughts and ideas are what make a successful organization.

Please take note of all of our important dates and the activities reported by YOUR hardworking, diligent fellow members and friends.

Another busy, educational, philanthropic year is ahead of us.

Have fun and enjoy!!!!


I Am Honored To Call You My Sister

I know that I can trust you
with my most cherished treasures,
with my heart and soul, and
with every secret I hold.

I know that you will listen
without criticizing me for my mistakes.
You hear what I am trying to say,
even when I fail to express myself clearly.

I know that I can believe you
without worrying that you will mislead me
because you are honest with me,
even when honesty means disagreement.

I know that you will accept me,
despite every wrong turn I’ve made.
You simply love who I am.

I know that our hearts are connected
on the deepest level.

You know me so well;
Your insight and your view of me
make me feel so complete.

I know that I am special
because you are so special.

I am proud of our friendship and
the strength we have together.

I am honored to call you my sister
and fortunate to call you my friend.

~Regina Hill

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