President’s Corner

President Barb Mitzel

To All AWC Members,

Welcome to another year of civic improvement and philanthropic endeavors!
We have a new Board and Cast of Committee Chairs who have been working hard
behind the scenes to bring you the new Membership Book and, under separate cover,
our By-Laws and Standing Rules.
Rest assured it may look like many changes, but not so much. We have followed the
guidelines from GFWC on separating what are the Articles of the By-Laws from the
activities of our club. The By-Laws mandate the rules by which we must follow to
remain in accordance with GFWC guidelines of running our organization. There are
specific mandates on how we can change our By-Laws which include presenting
changes to the membership well before putting them up for a vote, a 2/3 vote of voting
members, having quorums, etc.
The Standing Rules are the “rules of an organization for details of its government that
are created by a majority vote and remain in force until repealed or annulled by a
majority vote”. This will allow our Club to tweak our Standing Rules in a quicker fashion
to allow us to better serve our community and accommodate the changing times.
You will find in this Newsletter the proposed changes that every member needs to read.
Because we cannot present them for a vote until our September meeting and because
they are Parliamentary proceedings, we have decided to issue them under separate
cover from our Membership Book.
Please read through these proposed changes and bring a copy of them with you to our
September 14 th Fall Luncheon at Michael’s On The Lake, as we will be answering any
questions and voting on them.
I look forward to seeing everyone again in September and good health to all!

Barbara Mitzel, President



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