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open arms mission


  Shelia Eisen                                Maria Schwartz

We invite to you to join us in volunteering for the Feed My Starving Children program.  AWC members will be participating on Wednesday, March 21 from 12 noon until 2 PM.

The address is 742 East Park Avenue (Highway 176) in Libertyville.  Right now, we have about 10 women signed up; we’d love to have double that!

Please join us.

Someone heard that the program requires recipients of the meals to attend Christian services.  That is not true!

The program packs meals for the world’s starving children.

We are also planning AWC’s Community-Wide Garage Sale for Saturday May 5 at Williams Park.  We will have another sale on Saturday, August 4.  Please mark your calendars and plan to join us!

The secret to happiness is FREEDOM.The secret to freedom is COURAGE.
-Thucydides, Greek Historian

As part of this effort, we conduct food/paper good drives for Open Arms Mission several times a year.  We also provide holiday dinners to families that depend on the mission.

Open Arms Mission helps individuals and families in their time of need by providing food, personal hygiene supplies and more.  Open Arms Mission is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from local churches, schools, businesses, civic organizations, corporate partners, grants, matching funds and individual giving.


Veterans Affairs / VA Hospital

Bonnie Bakutis

  • Veterans Affairs: Women from the club visit the VA Hospital once a month.  They bring treats for the vets and play bingo with them.  We also sponsor dances for the vets once or twice a year.  In addition, we bring gently used men’s clothing that our members have donated.

We continue to meet with the Veterans monthly and play bingo with $1.00 winners.  After bingo we serve treats.  They always look forward to seeing us and really enjoy our company.  Again Ladies, thank you for your generosity.

American flag

Operation Support Our Troops

Sally Rodgers

  • Three times a year we collect small, everyday items that we send to our troops overseas. Items include toiletries, candy, packaged drinks, small packages of cookies, crackers, munchies, etc.

Please bring items for our troops overseas and bring them to our meetings.

Our troops can use most everything we use in everyday life but in smaller size: toiletries, candy, packaged drinks, small packages of cookies, crackers, munchies– you get the idea. Please remember the female troops and the items that they can use: tampax, deodorants, and powders.

Thank you for your generous donations to Operation Support Our Troops

Coupons for Military Families

Sigrid Brueggemann

We collect coupons that are within 2 months of expiration for (1) Baby Products, (2) Food, (3) Health and Beauty, (4) Household Goods, or (5) Pets.


We send the coupons to military families as these coupons are honored at the Px.

Please count them, put your name and hours worked on a piece of paper, and drop them off in the envelope on the events table at our next meeting. Thank you.

Remember, our military families still can use coupons 2 months after they expire.

We will continue to gather coupons to send to military posts as our way of showing overseas military families that we appreciate their sacrifices for the defense of our country.